Our Tour Company

We are a new company operating in the northern part of Belize, especially the Corozal and Orange Walk Districts, where there are several appealing tourist destinations. For many years, travellers have been missing wonderful and historical places which they could enjoy and remember. Tours in this area are now possible with Indigenous and Rainforest Tours, assisted by the European Union. Our tours are done on the road, where you can experience the “real” Belize first hand, without the limitation imposed for Cruise Passengers. We, as Maya people, love Maya Histoy. We are well experienced guides in the tourism Industry since 1995. We also have a military background, so we know every corner of our country, and are providing safe transporation for all of our tours. We look forward to sharing our wonderful culture, flora and fauna with you.


We were born to satisfy our travellers by being informative guides and knowledgeable in all aspects of interest of the Country. We are going to make sure you have a splendid time with us viewing and taking back with you the experience and memories from places you will visit. You will also have the opportunities to see diverse cultures and our country’s progression.


Indigenous and Rainforest Tours aims to have a well established Tour Company in the Northern part of Belize and standardize the level of Quality of Service offered and to be well organized for future #1 Tour Company among the Mestizo People.


Indigenous and Rainforest Tours is a professional Tour Company. Click on any of these images to see a larger view of the certificate.

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